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Using iMessage on your PC

iMessage is a fantastic service. People who use iPhones get very used to having almost all of their communications on iMessage. These days, our iMessage usage has gone a bit down with the growth of Android but people who love iMessage still swear by it. The annoying thing is that iMessage doesn’t work with a PC. It is very convenient to be able to reply to your messages straight from your computer. You can communicate with whoever you want all day without having to pick up your phone. It is also great for professional settings; you look like you are slacking if you are texting all the time, yet you can do the same thing on your computer and people will just end up thinking that you are working hard.

The problem with iMessage

iMessage isn’t on the PC and we are not surprised at all. Apple is infamous for their walled garden approach. It is called a walled garden approach because it is beautiful on the inside. Apple’s ecosystem works great with Apple’s devices. iPhone, Macs, iPads, iPods, the Apple Watch, iMessage, and many other Apple products and services work together resulting in a great experience. The moment you step out of their ecosystem everything stops working. Apple only wants you to use their devices and services and thus they lock you inside their walled garden, keeping PC users and many others away from their services.

In the beginning even iTunes wasn’t available for computers running Windows.

It is easy to see why they do this- they have a much smaller share of the computer market and they need to grow. Windows computers rule the world and on the backend most services are being run on Linux computers. Apple computers are more common in corporate offices, homes, and design houses. Still, it is not a good experience for the users. This is one huge reason many people love Android devices so much – with most Android devices you are free to tinker and change things as you feel and most Android devices do not limit connectivity to other devices based on the operating system of the other devices. What all this means is that there is no straight way to run iMessage on your computer. There are workarounds which work but they aren’t easy to execute and even after you manage to run iMessage on the PC you might end up having some problems.

These problems are by design. Apple isn’t bad at making software for the PC (don’t think Apple dislikes PC because iTunes isn’t good on it, it isn’t good on Mac computers either) and they could easily launch iMessage for PC anytime they want. iMessage is their special service for their own customers only which is why they’ll keep it closed.

What you will need

You will, obviously, need a computer to connect iMessage to. More importantly you will need to own at least 1 Apple device that supports iMessage. This can be an iPhone, a Mac computer, an iPad or any other Apple device that has iMessage in it. Remember, iMessage is a service, not a piece of software you install. In order to keep sending and receiving messages through iMessage you need to connect to the iMessage service. You cannot sign up for iMessage in any way; you need to use your Apple ID which you already use on your iPhone or iPod.

You also need to own the device right now. If you used to have an iPhone but don’t anymore, you cannot use your old Apple ID to access iMessage. As we said, it is a service not a product and Apple discontinues your service the minute it detects that no Apple device is using your Apple ID. This is annoying and limiting but as we said, it is by design.

Using the Jailbreak method

For this method, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking basically means that you modify your phone so it accepts code and apps which Apple hasn’t approved. Jailbreaking is a very popular thing among iPhone owners but it is dangerous. One problem is that it voids your warranty. Another problem is that jailbreaking an iPhone is something only experienced and technical people should do. It is possible to brick your iPhone while jailbreaking if you do something wrong. A bricked iPhone will never turn on again and that’s not something you want happening to you.

If you don’t know much about computers, we would recommend either skipping this method or getting someone proficient in computers to do it for you. Jailbreaking is easy to do these days but there is always a risk associated with it. If your iPhone is already jailbroken then chances are that it already has Cydia on it. Cydia is an app store for jailbroken iPhones and has all kinds of unauthorized apps on it for you to use. Go to the Cydia store and search for an app called Remote Messages. Install this app. The app isn’t free but it is cheap and will cost you a few dollars at max. Once you open the app it will give you a web address to open through which you’ll be able to access iMessage on your pc.

Using Remote Desktop

The only other way to use iMessage on a PC is through remote desktop. For those who are unaware, remote desktop allows you to view the screen of another computer and control it. For this method you will need to keep your Mac turned on and open to outside connections at all times. You will need to remote desktop into your Mac whenever you want to see your iMessage messages. This is very inconvenient but Apple has kept a tight lid on iMessage and these two methods are the only way to get iMessage on a Windows or Linux system. If you just want to message freely try to look at the alternatives. Both Whatsapp and Facebook messengers can be easily accessed from computers.

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