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Verfying if is Down

Technology has enabled users, like you, to communicate with others through many different forms and means. One of the most common way of doing so is through e-mail exchanges. Through this form of communication people can catch up with old friends or even talk about work in a secure and documented way. This truly shows the power that technology has given us to stay connected.

A person’s e-mail today becomes an extension of who he is. Some frequently check their e-mails throughout the day. Bills and even home security alerts can also be received through e-mail if you opt for it. Perhaps one of the most used and trusted e-mail provider is Google through Gmail. But how will you be able to identify and verify if Gmail is down?

Checking and verifying of Gmail is down is crucial especially if you are having a hard time accessing your account. This will be able to calm you down and not make you think that your account has been hacked or your internet connection has a problem.


How to Verify if Gmail is Down

Gmail down

There are many different ways to help check if Gmail is experiencing a service disruption or service outage. Below is just two of the many options that is available for everybody to help check if it is down:

  • Google’s App Status Dashboard
    • This is the easiest way of checking if Gmail or any other Google App is down for the day or not. The app status dashboard is color coded to help make it easier for users to see if any of their apps, including Gmail, is experiencing a service disruption or service outage. You can access this dashboard through .
  • Down Right Now
    • This is a crowd-powered site that also provides the current status of Gmail or of the web-services you use. The difference of Down Right Now to Google’s App Status Dashboard is that it shares the performance of Gmail overtime and gives users a warning if the service is encountering any errors or service trouble.


Accessing Gmail During A Service Outage

Detected through the app status dashboard that Gmail is down? You are not limited to waiting for the issue to resolve itself. There are ways to help you reach your emails, check it and reply to some if needed.

  • Switch to HTML
    • In some cases Gmail readily gives you the option to switch to basic html when you are experiencing a lag in your internet connection. Great thing about this feature is that you can also use it to try accessing Gmail when it is down. It has lesser features but at least you will still have access to your email.
  • Gmail in Mobile IU
    • One way to also check your Gmail during a service disruption or outage is by accessing its mobile version. It is very plain and wouldn’t have all of the features that you normally encounter when you check Gmail on your desktop. Don’t expect too much from this interface, what is important is that it helps you check your mail.
  • Gmail Offline
    • You may also check out Gmail Offline Access to help you get to your e-mails. Word of caution though is that, not all of your e-mails will be stored locally.


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