Vimeo is a well-known video streaming site where a user can upload, share and watch videos. It is one of the very first high definition video supporting sites in the internet world, though one can also upload videos of lower qualities too. Vimeo was launched in November 2004. The founders of this global video streaming website are Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein and it’s headquartered in New York, USA. To use this amazing video sharing website, firstly you’d have to visit to enjoy the uploaded videos or to share and upload the videos. The best part of Vimeo which it is known for is its video quality. If you want to become a part of this amazing video streaming website, you would have to read the article below in case, you want to know about its procedure of signing up,  Vimeo login, and other features.

VIMEO Signup Procedure

vimeo login

The Vimeo’s procedure of signing up is simple. Firstly, every user should know that the Signup has four different categories, namely:

  1. Vimeo Basic,
  2. Vimeo Plus,
  3. Vimeo Pro,
  4.  and Vimeo Business

To sign up for Vimeo, first, you have to go to the link tab on your browser and then type The Vimeo website will appear on your screen. Then on the top left of your screen, there is a JOIN tab in bright green color. You have to single click on that tab and the sign-up window will open. Set your first and last name for e.g. Jim Beglin and after this, type your Email address on the email tab. Then set your password for the sign-up. After this, you have to click either on the Join with email option or Join with the Facebook option. A window will open asking you the permission of what information it will require if you continue. Then select continue to proceed further.

Now moving forward, a congratulating and thanking window will open which will advise creating a password for your account for the security. You shall follow the footsteps and click on the create password option. New password reset window will open showing you one tab each of “New Password” and “Confirm New Password”. Remember that your password should consist of at least 8 characters.

Moving onto this it will proceed on the profile menu which will ask you to setup your profile. It is up to you if you want to customize because you can now access your Vimeo without editing your profile. The profile asks you to enter your Bio, Country and current location, your Vimeo URL and your website if you have one.

VIMEO Login Procedure

Vimeo Login process is very simple. Again you have to go on your link tab of your browser and type Vimeo website home screen will appear. You just have to enter your email address and password or you have to select either Login with email option or Login with the Facebook option. It is that simple. Now you’ve successfully logged in to your Vimeo account.


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