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How To Get VIP Gmail Alerts On Android

Gmail alerts on your phone are important, but not all of them. You receive a lot of emails on daily basis and it gets pretty annoying if your phone rings every time you receive an email. You can turn off the notifications but you also don’t want to miss really important emails. IOS has already sorted out this and allows you to select some ‘VIP senders’ for which you will get Gmail alerts. Rest of the emails can go to… well they will go to inbox anyway but you will not get any notifications.

But what about android? Unfortunately, there is no such tool in android for Gmail alerts. You cannot turn off notifications for some and retain the notifications for other important senders. However, when there is a will, there is an Android way.

How To Get VIP Gmail Alerts On Android

Let us tell you how you can play with the Android settings to customize your Gmail alerts. Once you go through this blog, you will be ready to get Gmail alerts from selected group of senders.

Gmail alerts

Creating a Filter For Customized Gmail Alerts

To create a customized filter, you will need a desktop or a laptop. Start your Gmail from the PC; any browser will work just fine. Go to settings and select the tab that says Filters and Blocked addresses. There you will see a tab titled ‘Create a new filter’, selecting it would lead you to a new window. An editable form will appear where you can type the name and email address of the person or contact you want to get Gmail alerts from.

If you want further filtering, you can easily do it by continuing the customization in the same filter tab. You can set the notifications to the email that contain a certain subject line or emails that contain an attachment, and many other available options.

When you are done with customizing your filter, do not forget to check the ‘apply the label’ box.  When you check the box, you will have to select a label from the drop down menu. Let’s just mimic the IOS and type the VIP as your filter label.

Now all the emails coming from the filtered contact will have a VIP label. The next step is to tell the Gmail to create Gmail alerts when you receive an email from your ‘VIP’.

Getting VIP Gmail Alerts on Android

To get special notifications for the emails from your filtered contacts, you have to open your Gmail on the android device. Once open, go to account settings and tap the Mange Labels tab, you will find the label you have just created through the desktop.

Along the newly created label, you will find an option to sync the messages. Tap on that option to make sure that all your emails are synced. Get back to the ‘Manage Labels’ tab where you will see a box titled ‘Label Notifications’; check that box.


Now you are ready to get the Gmail alerts from your VIP contacts even if you have turned the notifications off for other emails. The emails will also be labeled as VIP.


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