Usually working on your laptop? Or busy with the desktop computers, laden with tasks? Is your smartphone being neglected? Do your WhatsApp contacts constantly complain about your late replies or absence from the app? Well, the days of worries are far behind now, the Whatsapp login option on web enables users to connect instantly with their friends and loved ones without the need of switching devices.

Whatsapp is among the most frequently used applications in the modern era. The constant updates and newer features of WhatsApp have made it a favorite among the users. No doubt the increasing popularity has invoked interest in a higher number of individuals. Many people are now questioning the possibility of getting their own account created.

WhatsApp Login on PCs


Gone are the days when Whatsapp was a feature only for the smartphones. Te possibility of Whatsapp login on the web has made it possible for users to enjoy using the app on their tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

The Whatsapp login option on the web interface allows you to access your chats and conversation on devices other than your smartphone. This ensures that you are in touch with your contacts anytime and anywhere, even if the battery of your smartphone runs out. But how do you use the Whatsapp login feature on the web?
The most important steps in successfully installing and using the Whatsapp login option via the web include:

  • Firstly, the Whatsapp login option is not another account, you are required to connect your smartphone account to the web.
  • To successfully keep your account connected to your phone as well as the second device, you should be having the latest version of web browsers.
  • In order to gain access to the Whatsapp login option on your phone, search the web for
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and go to the option of WhatsApp web
  • Using your phone, scan the QR code required on the web
  • Once the code is scanned, you are ready to go.

Compatibility with Browsers

Whatsapp login has now been enabled not only on Chrome but also on opera, firefox, and Edge. So, it no longer matters what phone or web browser you use, the Whatsapp login option can be availed on one and all.

With this amazing feature incorporated, WhatsApp has escalated greatly in the field of web business and the number of users is increasingly not only by days but by every hour. Moreover, the amazing ease that has been provided by this web option is also a cliché for those who are generally very busy or cannot constantly check their phones or catch up with group chats or conversations.

Also, for those who have spying colleagues and angry bosses, the use of smartphone may be difficult during work hours. But who is to stop you from sneaking in on WhatsApp conversations on an innocently opened browser on your web? Sshhh! Forget you were suggested to do any cheating during work hours. But it is a passing thought on possibilities, isn’t it

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