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Why Google is Hacking Its Way Into Your Car

Media Source: CNBC

In a world where everything is becoming increasingly connected and integrated with technology cars have lagged behind but all that is changing and fast the automotive industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution as companies like Apple Google Amazon and Microsoft partner with car makers to bring the power of our phones and AI into the vehicle almost all auto manufacturers have struggled with consistently delivering a great user experience that can keep pace with our phones and computers it’s important to note how much of a pain point infotainment has been for these car companies for a long time really starting like early early 2000s BMW started coming out with I Drive and immediately there was all kinds of issues with how to control it and the
interface wasn’t user intuitive I had a Toyota Tundra recently and that infotainment system looks almost unchanged from the one in my uncle’s 2012 Toyota Highlander and that’s always
been a point that has really hurt Toyota and other companies like it that haven’t
invested that much in the infotainment department the pace of the smartphone
and tablet sector just moves so much quicker but some of the big tech companies are fixing that.

Apple and Google have developed their own connected car solutions that let you access navigation and messaging on your infotainment system carplay is Apple’s way of getting inside of your car you basically hook up your iPhone to a console or an aftermarket heads-up display and it shows you different apps that are available on your iPhone that you can use while you’re driving you can
access things like Apple Maps Apple music Pandora Spotify CNBC your podcast app and more and it allows you to basically see a version of your iPhones that you can use while you’re driving
Google’s version is Android auto and functions just like car play by projecting a driver friendly interface onto your infotainment screen both systems have been around since 2014 and
companies like Ford Chevrolet howdy and more are integrating Google and Apple in their cars often you’ll find car support both car play and Google’s Android auto and it seems like this is what customers want since all they have to do is get in the car and then everything on their phone comes up right on their display and auto manufacturers they don’t have to worry about spending millions of dollars to create new in-car entertainment systems so Toyota and Ford and all those companies are saying actually it’s really a lot better for us if we can just let Google and Apple do a lot of the heavy lifting and focus on what we do well which is building cars not
everyone is of course on board with the idea that infotainment should be equal across all cars we’ve seen studies that show that people are willing to switch car brands for more connectivity
features and so everyone wants to offer you know carplay and android auto and those things but when you’re charging more money you want to offer a better experience which is why high-end
manufacturers like BMW Mercedes want to focus on offering you know a step above
what you might get in your forty or Toyota while Mercedes supports Apple and Google’s offerings and BMW has carplay both have continued to invest in their own technology developing personal
assistants to control car features you can say things like hey Mercedes set the climate controlled 68 degrees while also using it to control music and navigation so while your phone may be able to very well do music and in there taking advantage of the fact that your phone can’t turn on your heat and see your phone can’t set the climate control because that’s their ecosystem because the idea of being you know if you get really used to using that BMW software when the time comes to upgrade you’re not gonna want to switch to an Audi and learn a whole new system in order to power it’s personal assistant BMW turned to Microsoft myself is providing the underlying AI capabilities cognitive capabilities for automakers like BMW to create their own granted voice assistance in the future.


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