Google has a series of messaging and collaboration applications meant for small business and hosted on their own servers, they are commonly referred to as G suite. These applications are conveniently synced in the cloud for better productivity and you can access them from any device or operating system for increased convenience. Perhaps you’ve heard of G suite before but have been hesitant of signing up, well, here are some of the reasons why you should.

Here are 9 reasons why your company should start using G-suite.


g suite

1. G suite offers Unlimited Storage


One of the best advantages you will get from using g-suite is access to unlimited storage and quotas. G suite will give you exclusive access to unlimited access which means you can get to store all your files safely, no matter their size and access them whenever you’ll feel the need to even if that is 5 or 10 years from today, which is amazing all on it’s own. One thing I love about G suite is their pricing model. You will never be compelled to dig deep into your pocket for the safekeeping of your files. The prices are conveniently affordable which makes it the haven of every business owner.

2. Improve your business’ credibility

This is also another thing that’s really amazing about G suite. If you are named john and running a company named Infosys, having an email that reads will always be a thousand times better than having one that says The best way to improve the credibility of your business especially online is having an email that’s reflective of your business’ brand. Such an email will go a long way in proving to prospective clients that you really mean business.

3. Real time collaboration

A G suite account will give you access to the vast Google digital ecosystem. This means you will be able to access innovative Google products like Google Docs, Google Keep, the mailbox, Google drawing and instant messaging. Do you know what the greatest part about all this is? You can use them for free and with your team. Since everything will be synced in the cloud, this means you’ll be able to collaborate on projects in real time without having to go through any hustle. Can you imagine the joy of having 5 or more people working on a single presentation live whilst communicating with all this happening at the same time. It is amazing, isn’t it?

4. Easy scheduling

The Google calendar platform has been recognized time and again among some of the world’s best scheduling tools and it’s all for a good reason. I’ve personally had the opportunity to use the Google calendar and from the 1st day I’ve used it, I’ve never had to use anything else before. The best thing about Google calendar is that it can be shared by a whole team. This means you won’t have to circulate a note every time there’s about to be a crucial company activity. You would just have to update the company’s calendar and focus on crucial tasks. Apart from that, your team members will be able to easily keep one other updated about their individual schedules so that adjustments can easily be made if need be.

5. Security

G suite is one of the most secure cloud based platform especially when it comes to email storage. An estimated 20 million websites are hacked each and every year and this should be a worrying statistic to every business owner. One thing that’s certain is that the security and safety of your emails comes first before the security of the website itself. That’s why it’s better for you to have an independent host for storing your emails and another for the website. Use G suite for email storage.

6. Innovation

Looking at all the tech companies, it can’t be disputed that Google is the most innovative and it’s for a good reason. The G-suite team has proved beyond doubt that they will continue investing and working to make the platform as awesome as possible particularly for small businesses. If you are a deadline oriented company, then innovative G suite tools such as the Calendar and time tracker will prove to be very resourceful as they will go a long way in helping you stay ahead of your work.

7. Access your stuff on the go

The best thing about G suite is that it is cloud based which means you are able to work and access your stuff on the go. Do not restrict and limit yourself by using an email and workspace solution that’s is based in an intranet, it’s bad for your productivity. If you are that kind of person who loves staying ahead of their work and putting every second to maximum use, then you are the right candidate for G suite. You can access your work from the web and via cellphone applications for iOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry (yes it’s still there)

8. Save money

I had stressed this point before but I think it’s worth talking about for a second time. With G suite everything will be handled by Google which means you won’t ever have to worry about getting infrastructure to use as email and file servers. You won’t need to pay huge amounts to hosting provider who were charging you unfairly anyway. The goal of any business is to increase their revenues whilst lowering their expenses and G suite can afford you such an opportunity.

9. CRM integration

If your business makes use of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system, the G-suite is definitely good news for you. If you are not familiar with a CRM system, then you should consider getting one as it will help you with important stuff such as tracking your prospects, leads, customers and projects and it does this conveniently. Anyway, the heart of the story is that G suite can be integrated with a CRM for improved productivity. The best CRM for G suite is Prosperworks but there are also others like Salesforce that work amazingly when integrated with G suite.

If G suite is the answer you’ve been looking for to increase your teams efficiency and productivity, then you should simply sign up and start reaping the rewards.


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