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Google has recently launched Pixel 3 Google smartphones with a couple of other products including a powerful tablet and a Google home speaker that has a display. With the launch of Pixel 3, Google has kind of re-entered into the hardware arena.

With it being the most successful software for smartphones all over the world, Google wants to make an impact in the hardware arena too. And the recent product successes show that Google can give a tough time to its competitors.  The Google smart speaker is selling like hot cakes already on online stores and with the launch of Pixel 3 Google will surely have an upper hand on its customers.

Google Pixel 2 Deals


Pixel 3 Google prices

The pixel 3 Google has a price of $799 while a larger version of the phone named Pixel 3 XL, is selling at $899. With powerful specs and relatively affordable prices, Google aims at cutting the market share and dominance of Apple in the smartphone world.

Another product from Google is Pixel Slate which is a powerful and feature-rich tablet. It costs $599 and runs on the Chrome operating system. The launch of a power app with the Pixel 3 Google also indicates that Google plans at giving a tough time to Apple at all fronts.

Google’s share in the hardware arena

Pixel 3 Google

As Google launched new products including Pixel 3 Google and the Pixel Slate, there hardly impacted on the shares of Alphabet; the parent company of Google.  It can be understood that the real business of Google is getting revenues from the ads; launching a few products will just be a fraction of what it actually does.

The way Google earns from its hardware is also different than the Apple. Apple has complete control over its product line and enjoys almost all the profits on its product. On the other hand, Google allows third-parties to share some profits by contributing in some areas such as product performance.

Improving on its business

Google is expanding its target Geography with the recent launch of products. Google added 4 more countries for its product launch this time and now the total number of countries of Pixel 3 Google launch has risen to 10. However the tablet, Pixel Slate has been launched in U.S, Canada, and U.K only.

Although Google is no short of innovation in tech, the sales area function of proper branding and popularity. Pixel, being a relatively new brand with just a couple of years under its belt, is trying to keep up with other big names in the market such as Apple.

However, Google is not stopping itself from using innovative marketing techniques to garner attention.  For example, Google recently announced in a blog post that it had delivered some pixel 3 Google phones with the help of delivery drones.


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