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Desktop App for Gmail Inbox WMail Review


What is WMail?

WMail is a fork of the very popular kmMail webmail package. In case you don’t know what that means, it means that it has been developed as a kind of ‘offshoot’ based on the original code. Of course WMail supports Google Mail and is very effective at pushing emails to ensure you don’t miss them. IMAP is supported, so you can pick up emails from other sources too and HTML rendering for emails and MIME support are among the other features. This all means that your emails come through in all their multimedia glory, just as you would experience right inside the browser.


Wmail Gmail

When you boot up WMail, you’ll no doubt be happy to see that it has a proper interface and has clearly be designed with a fair bit of thought and attention to detail. This is unlike a fair number of other email clients on the OS X store which are essentially just wrappers for Gmail and other email providers.

What you get here is something that looks much more akin to outlook with your list of emails in chronological order along with sender, subject, size and date. That said, the look is somewhat text heavy, so don’t expect this to be the most beautiful piece of software you ever load up on your Mac!

You can then expand emails, manage folders and do everything you normally would. It’s fast, it’s intuitive and it’s simple to use.

Notifications come through onto the desktop as you would expect and this ensures you’ll never miss important correspondence and you won’t have to keep jumping in and out of your browser (which isn’t great for productivity!)

Getting Started

Another nice feature of WMail is how easy and simple it is to get set up and running. Many of us have struggled with email clients in the past and wondered why our emails aren’t coming through after we have painstakingly entered all of the details but there’s none of that here: it just works, quickly and easily. Just add the details of the Google account you want to manage and then you’re ready to go.

As mentioned, WMail is also able to support emails from other accounts or can receive emails from multiple different Gmail accounts. This is particularly useful and means that you don’t have to keep signing in and out. You can even assign hotkeys and jump straight into the email you want with a simple press of a key.

All in all, this is one of the very best options out there if you’re looking for an easy way to receive your Gmail messages without having to open up the browser. It’s simple, minimal and powerful – and it packs in a good number of additional features too.

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