Yahoo Mail is an online web-based email service that was introduced in 1997. It offers four different email plans including personal and business plans. Like many other email service providers out there in the market, Yahoo Mail requires a few steps to first become its registered user.  The Yahoo mail login procedure enables the users to start taking advantages of the Yahoo Mail features. Along with that, this article will cover some of the common login procedures you might face and a brief solution to those problems. So, if you plan on becoming a regular user of Yahoo Mail, make sure you read this article till the very end to ensure smooth and easy usage.

Yahoo Mail Login  and Sign Up Procedure

The signup procedure is fast and simple. It requires just a few steps and little information like an email address (for the purpose of making an account username), password, date of birth and mobile number. After that, you’ll be asked to verify your account information which is usually through an email or SMS procedure. After an account has been made, you can log into it by entering your registered email address along with your account password.

Yahoo Mail Login Problems

yahoo mail login
  1. Login Fails

This is the most common problem encountered by account users. If this happens to you, ensure that your ID and password match or that you’ve entered the correct password and email address as Yahoo Mail is case sensitive.

  1. Forgotten Password or Email ID

Yes, this sounds silly but it happens to almost every account user out there! In the case of a forgotten password, it can be retrieved by providing an alternate email address and following just one or two steps from there or answering the security question you provided. In case you’ve forgotten your email ID, well there is no real way for retrieving that. You can simply ask a friend to whom you’ve probably emailed before and your fingers crossed.

  1. Website Malfunction

You may not be able to sign in due to problems other than correct credentials. Some of which may be the following.

  • Internet connection problems which can be solved by contacting your internet service provider
  • An antivirus software or firewall that is blocking access to the list of websites. And in that list, Yahoo mail may be included. Resolve this by going to the firewall settings and removing this specific website from the list.
  • Sometimes the website itself is not working from its end. This may be due to a coincidence of a very high number of users accessing it at the same time or the website may be under the process of being updated. The solution to this is to wait and let the website get back to work on its own.
  • Another problem, less common, but still has a margin of being possible is that your account may be hacked. Contact the Yahoo service and follow the steps to letting Yahoo know that your account might be hacked.

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