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What’s New in The Yahoo Mail Mobile App?

Yahoo has recently rolled out an updated Yahoo mail mobile app.  Many people would be surprised to hear this news, but yes, yahoo is working to regain its long lost place in the market. The company is sure struggling, but it’s not down and out yet. According to a recent report, Yahoo has over 200 million active users.

Yahoo has been through a lot of trouble in the recent times. Once worth more than $50 billion, the company was finally valuated at just $4 billion at the time of its sale. Security breaches, delayed acquisition, and many other problems combined to affect the yahoo’s popularity.

Despite all of these problems, no one can deny the fact that Yahoo has a huge registered user base. The new update to the Yahoo mail mobile app means that the app will now do more than just delivering the mail to your mobile phone.

What’s New in The Yahoo Mail Mobile App

Let’s see what the new Yahoo mail mobile app has to offer to its users.

Yahoo mail mobile app

The Caller ID

The caller ID feature of the Yahoo mail mobile app is a unique and a useful feature. Owing to the usability and popularity of the feature, it will be not surprising if other email service providers such as Gmail, copy this feature in their apps.

The Caller ID helps the users in identifying the callers by comparing the numbers with the corresponding information in the yahoo mail. If a user has shared his phone number at some point of the conversation through yahoo mail, it’s easy to identify him.  The caller ID would immediately pick the number and let you know who is calling you if you receive an anonymous call.

The Photo Upload

Another feature that comes with the new Yahoo mail mobile app is the photo upload feature. The features allow you to upload mobile photos easily in short times while you are working on your desktop computer or a laptop. The photo upload features works with the help of a video and photo sharing platform named Tripod.

The photo upload feature powered by Tripod allows you to search photos with the help of keywords. So, if you need a photo that you took on your mobile, all you have to do is, search for the image and it will appear on your desktop! But wait – How it is possible?

What actually happens is that the Yahoo mail mobile app uploads the pictures from your camera roll in the background. However, all your photos are not made public and kept in a secure, private vault.

This way, you will save a lot of time and energy that you invest in transporting the mobile photos to the desktops and then attaching them with the mail.



The Yahoo mail mobile app will now become more powerful and user-friendly with the addition of the caller ID and photo upload features. These features will not only help the users in doing the work fast but also give them easy access to the images and user information instantly.

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